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Dear Reader,
Pain opens the heart to search for meaning. We ask God, “Why?” And find He is silent. We question His goodness, love and sovereignty. These questions bring us to Him.

By coming to Him, we learn the deeper answers. We find the love we crave. We discover the God Who wants us to know Him.

This collection of articles leads us to find that meaning, learn those answers and see our God.

If you require more explanations before you approach Him with open arms, read the two books I used: Paul Brand and Philip Yancey in In His Image provides a heart view of God and C.S. Lewis in The Problem of Pain gives the mind’s view of God. Or better yet, search the Psalms where you see David’s heart poured out before his God and see the answers He finds.

God is waiting for you to come to Him. He uses pain to get your attention.

May these answers bring you to the Savior where His perfect love is found.

                                             Sonya Contreras

Growing up with five sisters, Sonya Contreras asked God many questions, even when she did not like His answers. Graduating from Cedarville University and Institute for Creation Research with a Master’s Degree in Science Education did not stop her questions. Marrying her best friend and homeschooling their eight sons, she found that dreams do come true, in spite of unanswered questions. Trusting God, Who knows all answers, she shares thoughts about questions that matter, each week at

Table of Contents
Can a Good God Give Suffering?
Does God Care about Our Pain?
Why Does a Loving God Make Us Suffer?
Why Does God Allow Us to Choose a Path of Pain?
Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?
What Should We Do When We Suffer?
When I Am Hurt by Others, What Do I Do?
How Do I Respond to Evil?
Held by His Hands
Know Him
About the Author