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Expecting God’s blessing on her marriage to her best friend as they seek to follow God, Sonya Contreras hasn’t been disappointed.

Expecting God to do great things isn’t always easy in the midst of diapers, laundry and the dirt of raising eight boys in the foothills of the Sequoia Mountains, but Sonya has found God’s faithfulness surpasses all her expectations.

Expecting God’s leading as she writes can only bring His nod of approval. That is her desire.

She writes about what matters at

Dear Reader,
We all live by what we believe. Our expectations flow from our beliefs. If we believe wrong, our expectations will be wrong.

If we have a wrong view of God, we expect Him to act according to our expectations. We’re disappointed when He doesn’t do what we think He should. We don’t trust Him. Yet we hang onto our beliefs until our dying breath leads us to find truth at last.

These stories reflect the way people see Jesus. All saw Jesus through the lens of what they wanted Him to be. Jesus stripped away their wants until they acknowledged their need. Only then were they able to see Him as He is. Some never saw Him aside from their wants. They clung to their lies and died without hope. Others turned to Him and allowed Him to change them. Instead of seeking their own desires, they found Him.

As you read their stories, may you see people looking to Jesus and learn from what they found. Then search His Word to see Him more. Not as Who we want to see, but as He truly is. Then our expectations will be right, and we will truly know Him.

                                             Sonya Contreras

See Jesus through the eyes of those who met Him.
Most expected Him.
Only a few were ready for Him.

Simeon looked for the hope of Israel.
He found Him.

Herod killed to keep his throne.
He sealed his own fate.

Salazar watched for the Coming One.
|And was shown His star in the East.

James struggled to believe,
Until he put aside his expectations.

Judas expected to overthrow Rome,
But didn’t seek for power over sin.

Marinus compared Jesus’s power with Rome’s.
He found Jesus to be stronger.

Nicodemus hungered to know God.
And was satisfied when he met his Savior.

Andrew felt inadequate and slow of speech.
He was given the right words.

Others came with their expectations.
Find them in the pages of Scripture.

Put your own expectations aside.
Know Him by the truth He reveals to you.

Growing up with five sisters, Sonya Contreras asked God many questions, even when she did not like His answers. Graduating from Cedarville University and Institute for Creation Research with a Master’s Degree in Science Education did not stop her questions. Marrying her best friend and homeschooling their eight sons, she found that dreams do come true, in spite of unanswered questions. Trusting God, Who knows all answers, she shares thoughts about questions that matter, each week at

Who did the Jews expect Jesus to be?
A man who announced His coming, was not a religious leader, but dressed in camel’s hide, eating locusts.
The Messiah came.
He was the Long Expected One.
But the people expected someone different.
They expected Him to come in glory; He was placed in a manager by a lowly virgin.
They expected a king; He came as a servant.
They expected Him to overthrow the Romans; He came as an obedient subject.
They expected Him to overthrow Rome; His power could conquer any government.
They expected that money could buy position; He asked for their hearts.
When they saw Him, they expected only the Jews to be helped; He came to help the Samaritan who had faith.
They expected Him to call the mighty, He went to the weak.
They expected Him to condemn the publicans, sinners, and prostitutes; He forgave them and asked them to follow Him.
They expected him to be independent; He relied on His Father.
They expected tolerance for their religious ways; He said, “I am the only way.”
They expected to continue in their darkness; He shined His light on all areas.
They hated Him; He loved them.
They perpetuated self-reliance; He relied on His Father.
They gloried in their own self-righteousness; He imparted His perfect righteousness.
They expected to continue in their sin; He rebuked it.
When questioned by the rulers to catch Him in His words, He left them silent.
When beaten, He took it.
When denied, He expected it.
When rejected, He stood alone.
He didn’t call twelve legions of angels, but submitted to death.
When Jesus came to the Jews, they weren’t ready for Him.
Their expectations didn’t match what Jesus did.

Jesus didn’t fulfill people’s expectations.
His actions surprised them.
His words silenced them.

Who are we expecting?
We weren’t expecting the Jesus Who came.

Are you suffering today and demanding that Jesus to take it away?
Are you confused because of what you expected God to do for you?
Are you questioning whether God has the right to do this to you?

What do you expect of Jesus?
Go to the Scriptures and allow Jesus to open your understanding.
He will change your expectations and surpass what you thought.