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Table of Contents
God’s Gift
Why Care?
Are you God’s?
Are You Stressed?
Being in Jesus’s Presence
Hard Times
Contentment—It’s Not for the Timid
Meditations from Exodus 19-20
Are You Listening?
Do You Have the Right Words?
Dear Master of Faith.
Dear Master of Freedom
Dear Master of Honor
Become Like a Child
What Your Reactions Say about You
Are You in a Rut?
Habits that Bind
Have Stress? Read a Book
He Opened Their Minds To Understand
What Does It Take To Know God’s Heart?
How Secure are You?
Hurting People
Don’t Grow Weary. Do Good
Robert Murray McCheyne: A Life Not Wasted
Speaking to Him
What Does Prayer Do?
Remember the Sabbath Day, To Keep It Holy
Are You Sitting on the Fence?
Are You Weary?
Being in the World. Lot’s Story
Being in the World. Abraham’s Story
Being in the World, But Not of It: How?
It’s the Little Things That Matter
Wrong Beliefs, Wrong Policy: Wrong Outcome
Too Much To Handle
Do You Stand by God?
What Do You Treasure?
What is That to You?
What Has Changed?
The Bible with a Heart
About the Author

Let Her Hear

Dear Reader,
It is a common trend to read devotionals: a quick five-minute glimpse at the Scriptures so we can hang onto something throughout our day.

We do well to look to the Scriptures for that glimpse, but God wants more from us. He wants our hearts all day, not just for five minutes.

These parables do not substitute careful, study of the Word. They give a starting point to focus on where God wants you to be all day, a help to see Him even while doing the mundane, routine, necessary, “mom” things in life. They remind you of the heavenly realm that’s part of the earthly walk.

Parable literally means “cast alongside” something else.

Jesus’s parables were stories cast alongside an earthly event to illustrate a truth. He united earthly things with heavenly meanings to illustrate truth.

When the Jewish leaders rejected Him, Jesus turned exclusively to parables. When His disciples asked why, He responded, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” Mark 4:9, 23.

Jesus told parables for those who sought God’s truth.

Some only heard the story.

But others, seeking God’s truth, had ears that heard.

My parables, too, may be read by many as just stories. But to those moms struggling to find that glimpse of the heavenly realm through their hectic, demanding, earthly lives, “let her hear” truths of what one mom has heard from her Savior.

Sonya Contreras

These parables have been taken from articles previously written for my website and made into book form.




Growing up with five sisters, Sonya Contreras asked God many questions, even when she did not like His answers. Graduating from Cedarville University and Institute for Creation Research with a Master’s Degree in Science Education did not stop her questions. Marrying her best friend and homeschooling their eight sons, she found that dreams do come true, in spite of unanswered questions. Trusting God, Who knows all answers, she shares thoughts about questions that matter, each week at